Riba/Interest In Dar al-Harab

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Riba/Interest In Dar al-Harab

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Salaam I've been told that according to the Jafari and Hanafi school of thought the definition of riba/ineterest is not the same as the definition in dar al-harab.
لا ربا بين الحربي و المسلم في دار الحرب
There is a hadith reported by the pious tabi'ee in hanafi sources is that there is no ineterest between a muslim and a non muslim harabi in dar al-harab. Also in ahadith we find that when hazrat Abbas(a) the uncle of the Prophet(s) used to take interest in Mecca but when it became Islamic state the Noble Messenger(s) forbade him to continue the practice although He(s) allowed it before. also hazrat Abu bakr(r) had bets placed with a non-muslim that Romans will win the war with Persians and Prophet(s) asked hazrat Abu bakr to increase the bet and time etc.

Now the other 3 Sunni schools of thought disagree ? Any Zaydi view on this matter ?

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Re: Riba/Interest In Dar al-Harab

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Yes, according to the imams of the Zaydis, interest is haraam no matter where one is.

Imam Mahdi (as), the author of the Bahr az-Zakhkhaar, a major book of Zaydi fiqh says:

"Riba is not permissible in Dar al-Harb due to various proofs. However, some have permitted it based upon his, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, statement: ((There's no riba between a Muslim and the people of harb in Dar al-Harb)). We say that the negative particle means a prohibition. That is to say, 'it is not permissible.' This application is in agreement with all of the other proofs [that prohibit it]..."

So, the imam is saying that "There's no riba..." means "Riba is not permissible..."

Allah knows best!

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