Islamic thought Zaidi*

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Islamic thought Zaidi*

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Zaidi, thought it seems to me a comprehensive approach to renewal and innovation in the framework of Islamic thought as a whole .. Do not muddle the prestige of vital statistics of accidents, not hinder restrictions legacies, and subdued by pressure conditions and circumstances, not just a theological doctrine or task force is moving in the framework of verbal specificity, as is the case with other schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

This thought made him look rebellious, not on the circumstances and conditions imposed by the rulers of injustice and manufactured by playing politics, but also the intellectual legacies alien to religion, both those sent in the community to contribute to the Thbldh, handcuffed as an inevitable destiny and fate is known, or those that require him to worship God according to the convictions of others, on the pretext that they Ancestors and a good example. On this basis I think that the origins of thought Zaidi is on three axes

One: Launch consider thinking and research in the realities of the universe, according to a method within the powers of the Koran mind regardless of what decision Almzer ancestors and drove it. This is what is known to the Zaidi (must be considered and the sanctity of tradition in assets).

Second: Open the gates of ijtihad on practical issues, by looking directly in the sources of legislation and the purposes of the law, and so on, which was sponsored by the law, approved of the approved and it goes against, and this makes sense (open Ababa ijtihad), when the famous Zaidi.

Third: the quest to reform the life of the community through calendar tyranny Batsh Shiism, advice and opinion, through criticism and rebellion, and the end of the confrontation. This is known to the Zaidi (out on the principle of unjust).

These assets also considers mobile productive, they can keep up with the times and the influence it, and this is what makes many of the researchers in defining Ithiron Zaidi thought: Is it jurisprudential doctrine? Or my approach? Or a social trend? Or political system?! And make the various sects and creeds were Sunni or Shia claims he is the closest to it and more in tune with them. And make some question the independence Faisnfe in faith to Asharq Al Awsat that, in the Principles on the spigot on the front and bias, despite the difference in some important issues with each of the entities which are classified by them

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