Translation of Imam al-Mansur Abdullah bin Hamza

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Translation of Imam al-Mansur Abdullah bin Hamza

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pربما تكون الترجمة .. فبها بعض الااخطاء .. لانها حرفية من قوقل تراسليشن
Birth (p
لتسع ليالٍ بقين من شهر ربيع الآخر سنة (561هـ) بقرية (عيشان) من ظاهر همدان.

For nine nights left of the month of Rabi-year (561 e) the village (Aeichan) On the face of Hamedan

Its inception (p)
في حجر والده حمزة بن سليمان من فضلاء أهل البيت في عصره، وممن يؤهل للإمامة، نشأ في بيت العلم والزهد والورع والعبادة والشجاعة فأخذ من ذلك الضياء قَبَساً، ومن تلك المكارم غرساً، مع ما وهب الله له من مواهبه السنية، وعطاياه الهنية، من الفطنة والذكاء، والحفظ والتقى، لم يشتغل في صباه باللعب، ولم يمل إلى اللهو والطرب.

In stone and father of Hamza Bin Sulaiman virtuous people of the house in his day, and who qualifies to lead the prayers, grew up in the house of knowledge, asceticism and piety and worship, he took courage from that brightness insight, and those Makarem Garcia, with what God gave him of his talents Sunni, Indo and its bounty, business acumen and intelligence, and the conservation and met, it fails as a boy to play, not tired to play and celebrate

Called (p)
كان –عليه السلام- طويل القامة، تام الخلق، دُرِّي اللون، حديد البصر حدة مفرطة، أبلج ، كثّ اللحية كأن شيبها قصب الفضة ، صادق الحدس، قوي الفراسة، كثير الحفظ، فصيحاً بليغاً، شاعراً مفلقاً، شجاعاً بطلاً، يخوض غمرات الحتوف، ويضرب بسيفه بين الصفوف، وقائعه تشهد بشجاعته، ومواقفه تبين صدق بسالته، يقذف بنفسه في مقدمات الحروب، وترجف لهيبته القلوب، شأنه شأن آبائه المطهرين، وسلفه الأكرمين، في نشر الدين، وإطفاء بدع المبتدعين.

Was - peace be upon him - tall, full of creation, dry color, Iron Sight Unit excessive, shining, bushy beard if Cebha silver cane, sincere intuition, powerful insight, many conservation, eloquence, eloquent, Mvlqa a poet, a brave hero, engaged in the throes of Alanov, He cites his sword between the rows, and witness amongst his courage, and his sincerity shows his prowess, shooting himself in the introductions to war, and its prestige Trgev hearts, like his fathers, cleansers, and his predecessor Alockraman, in the propagation of religion, and turn off the innovations of heretics.

Mchaikh (p)
أخذ الإمام –عليه السلام- العلم والمعرفة عن علماء عصره؛ فمنهم: والده عالم أهل البيت في عصره حمزة بن سليمان (ع) في علوم القرآن وغيرها.

Imam al - peace be upon him - knowledge about science and scientists of his time; Some: The mother of the household of his time Hamzah bin Sulaiman (AS) in the Koran and other sciences

Then journeyed to read on a sign Yemen Abu al-Hasan al-Hasan ibn Muhammad lead, the poorest in the fundamentalists and other literature, even exceeded peers, and raise the people of the time, and had a harder activity and high vigor of the request unless the flag for other sons of his, until he reached the Science puzzled by the amount of ideas, science and shorten by a scholar of all the typhoon, and marched mentioning riders in all the regions.

Purity of its inception (p)
قال الحسين بن ناصر المهلا في (مطمح الآمال):

Said Hussein bin Nasser Almhla in (aspiration hopes):

Said in his: As is well known in his asceticism, a famous bequeath, he knows Khalth and called him from the case as small as they grow older, and that it was much patience reluctantly live, addicted to fast, and do, and the intentional touching is haraam, or eat or may eat it, and was overwhelms the councils of science, and fed a small amount, sum, and affects the same coming to him, and the weak and the poor and strangers, and wrote a book in which he said: (God, what I saw wine - I mean, in the wake of not dream - and clutch master of the clubs and the like even appeared on the toughest of الغز and ordered Khmurha broke away and bloodshed, and ate forbidden pill informing, and informed him arrested AED is haraam, and deliberately left duty, and I am known purity upbringing, what I had filled only education, study and worship, and then moved to the jihad for Allah Vharepett oppressors) to .. the last thing he said - peace be upon him -.

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