Question: Sajda as-Sahw in Zaydi Fiqh

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Question: Sajda as-Sahw in Zaydi Fiqh

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Assalamu Alaykum,

According to my understanding sajda as-sahw is to be offered after Taslim in all cases. Is this done after saying both salams (then mustahhab to do tashahhud again and end with taslim again), or is it done like the Hanafis: 1 salam, 2 sujud as-sahw, read tashahhud, and then do 2 salams.

Also, what is it done for?

Hope my questions are clear.

a friend of Mystic

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Re: Question: Sajda as-Sahw in Zaydi Fiqh

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Sorry for the delay in getting back with you!

As you said, it is after the taslim whether you added to or subtracted from the prayer.

Regarding the things that demand the Prostration of Forgetfulness, they include: avoiding one of the sunan, reciting the tasbih in the place of recitation of Quran (for example, in the first two rakats), reciting the Quran in the place of tasbih (for example in the bowing and prostration), adding or subtracting a rakat or a rukn--and he is made aware of it before leaving the prayer. If he avoids something and is made aware of it after the prayer, he repeats the prayer.

Regarding its manner, after both taslims, one sits as in tashahud, recite the opening takbir, recite another takbir, prostrate, sit up and says: "Ash shadu an laa...rasuluhu, Sallahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam", and recite the taslim.

Allah knows best!

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